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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Chest of Drawers School Project

It started as some pine that we got cheap from the free ads.

This came in 3 inch x 2 inch strips which we needed to split along the length and mill down to all be the same thickness.

Then we glued them together to create what will be the sides of the chest of drawers.....

We made 2 of these sides then turned our attention to the top.

For the top we used some 6 inch x 4 inch pine (think railway sleeper) which I again split down the length and glued the strips together to make one solid piece of wood.

We then rounded the edges using a router and sanded it all down....

Macey painted the top and sides with a coat of chalky paint to make it easier when applying the second coat after the assembly process

We added some supports for the drawer runners and connected the top sides and bottom

The drawer runners were actually from a kitchen, they are heavy duty and soft close, we attached them to their supports

Next up, the ply was cut for the drawers

Testing if pocket holes would be strong enough as we hadn't used them before - they were!

connecting the drawers together...

.....and painting them white before fitting

Next we cut the drawer fronts

and oiled them with teak oil

We added handles to the draw fronts aswell as three coats of matt varnish

Then attached them to the drawers to complete the project

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Clive Blakeway
Clive Blakeway
Feb 05, 2023

Wow, it's really coming along and looking great 🙂


Clive Blakeway
Clive Blakeway
Feb 03, 2023

Great project. Can't wait to see it finished Jamie & Macey

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